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    In the global market, the sales market of kettles accounts for a relatively large proportion. It has low cost, modest risk, large sales, that will decide it has a handsome profit.

It is very important for you to choose the right supplier. She will help you occupy the best chance in your local market. What a pleasure, we can meet each other! Our company DOUSEUI.COM is a professional and honest supplier. Of course, if you have found your right supplier already, we congratulate you.

    Now, let's first understand the structure of the kettle. We will just use the sketch map of the stainless steel kettle to expound how to select your products. Following up the picture below, one kettle is generated by many mountings. It seems that it is a complex and not easy process in the merges a complete kettle. That is right, all of the mountings have a fixed size and stander. It is from the small spring to the kettle body, all of them are from multiple different processes. After that, we have an automatic detection machine to test its function before batch production. Of course, it will include the boiling-dry protection and service life.

    I believe that all productions’ processes should be the same. But why does the current market have a different price? That is a point that we would like to talk about. For example the plastic kettle, there are two kinds of plastic kettle materials, which are raw materials and recycled materials. The quality of recycled materials is unstable, and the tensile strength and toughness are not good. The reverse is true for the row materials. And the same as the stainless steel kettle, even if Its main material is from steel.

    As usual, there are two kinds of raw materials to make the stainless steel kettle. One is 304 material, the other is 201 material. As we know, both of them are steel. But their composition are so different. The 304 steel contains 19 chromium and 10 nickel, while 201 steel contains 17 chromium and 5 nickel. The raw material composition will decide their anti-pressure, ability, specification, colour, corrosion and acid resistance.

    About color: Because 201 steel contains manganese, 304 steel does not contain, so 201 steel surface is very bright, and 304 steel contains chromium, the surface is dull.

   About pressure resistance: Because the carbon content of 201 steel is higher than 304 steel, 201 steel is harder and more brittle than 304 steel. 304 steel toughness is good. 201 steel surface scratches are usually more obvious, 304 steel scratches are not obvious.

   About corrosion resistance and acid resistance: due to the different nickel content, the corrosion resistance of 201 steel is not as good as 304 steel, and the acid and alkali resistance of 201 steel is not as good as 304 steel. 

   Finally, according to the above simple explanation, do you know how to choose your Mr. right product? 




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